Bottiglieri Jewellery store

Ischia Porto


Every town and village on the island of Ischia has a “sparkle” with a choice of jewellers.
Four jewellers owned by the Bottiglieri family are situated in Ischia Porto, Forio, Sant’Angelo and Piazzetta San Girolamo.

The shops have a range of jewellery, watches and silverware featuring some of the most prominent brands including Gucci, Bulgari, Pomellato and Mont Blanc. Along with some of the most traditional collections, Bottiglieri also create original designs on request, thanks to experimentation with new materials.

Marking the forty-five years of business, the Bottiglieri family has created a limited collection of watches, dedicated to the island of Ischia.

Phone: +39.081.4972404 - +39.081.981445 - +39.081.999915 - +39.081.997544