Cantine Pietratorcia

Forio d'Ischia


The cantinas of Pietratorcia are situated in the borough of Forio on the western slopes of Ischia.

The cantinas were realised by a group of young wine-production enthusiasts with the idea of promoting the wine of Ischia, producing prestigious wines in small quantities.

New vineyards were cultivated over 6 acres of land and equipped with cantinas boasting avant-garde technology, however promoting and recuperating ancient farming traditions of the island and its territory.

The wines of Pietratorica are produced with avant-garde technology by local island family of Iacono, Regine and Verde, with valued technical assistance by the San Michele Institute of Adige in the northern region of Trento.

Pietratorica Cantinas are situated in the small village of Cuotto, in the town of Forio, accessible by car, taxi and micro-taxi and bus route no. 1, CS and CD which depart frequently from Ischia Porto and Sant’Angelo.

Phone: +39.081.907232